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Frequently Asked Questions

Shipping Questions

Not at this time, but we will ship to the border of the continental US.
Yes , it can be picked up at our factory
It depends on the shipment. Please contact Customer Service to inquire.
Our administrative offices and Factory shop are located in Hallandale Beach, FL.
It depends on the doors specifications you purchase and their destination. Please see full shipment terms for a time frame estimate.

Cabinet Door Assembly & Installation Questions

No – you must order hardware in addition to the doors.
You must supply your own tools and equipment.
No, but videos are available on the website.
They come fully assembled but you can also order them unassembled.
Because we ship all over the country, we do not have installers that we work with. We recommend you search for an experienced kitchen or closet installer with great reviews or referrals.

Questions on Orders

At this time we only take orders online.
No. Instead, we offer the lowest price to all of our customers.
All the glass cabinet doors are built to order, so we do not offer credit options. All orders must be paid in full at the time of the purchase.
Many people are concerned about ordering products online. We strive to make the process as easy as possible for all our customers. We only carry the highest quality products and stand behind all our items.
We do not accept returns on our custom glass-aluminum cabinet doors.

Product Questions

Yes and we do offer free material samples (Aluminum frame, Glass).
Yes, we also sell set of samples or just a specific door sample.
Yes, our Aluminum-Glass doors can be installed in outdoor cabinets.
No, but you can ask us about the one that can be or not compatible.
We normally offer several types of glass & mirror as insert in the doors but we can also use other materials such as mica, wood, or Plexiglass.
We recommend finding a local glass shop for standard glass or quote with us for custom ones.